Quoting William Balcerski <williamb at its.caltech.edu>:

> I'm looking to add a new RSA key to wherever is the central darcs
> repository for the metaserver is, but I'm not sure where it is
> exactly.

That's because there isn't one, officially.  Quozl keeps revision
control locally for him, and when the metaserver used to be under CVS,
I commited the keys to CVS as a backup.  Currently, I don't commit
anywhere at the moment.

To add a key, send e-mail to clientkeys at clientkeys.netrek.org.
Currently, that's me, but it can be whoever is wearing the keygod hat.

> With my previous key I just added it to the rsa_keys file via
> sourceforge CVS, I figured I'd just do the equivalent.

No, if you have a key in the ring, it means you sent it to me.  I only
ever committed that file to CVS, I never pulled it.

> But yea, to the point, which repository should I submit the key to,
> and shouldn't the Mactrek key be there as well?

No repository.  The official channel is clientkeys at clientkeys.netrek.org.

Servers pull keys from clientkeys.netrek.org port 3530.  Currently,
clientkeys.netrek.org points to metaserver2.us.netrek.org.

--Carlos V.