On Apr 12, 2007, at 1:51 AM, Zach wrote:

> * Abstract the phaser damage message window into a status meter.
>   - red for crippling phaser inflicted
>   - yellow for medium damage inflicted
>   - green for light damage inflicted

I like this one. The color could vary continuously from pure red  
(100% damage inflicted) to pure green (0% damage inflicted.) This is  
a good example of a teaching tool that does NOT change the game  

> * Have metaserver be minimizable to the system tray:
>   - Play a sound when t mode is reached on a defined list of server(s)
>   - Mousing over the system tray icon will show:
>     o green (t in progress)
>     o yellow (t minus 1 to t minus 4)
>     o red (4 players or less)

I have thought about this one as well. Even better, it could act as a  
counter of how many people are ready to play their selection default  
game type. So, for example, it might alert if 10 people who've  
selected Bronco all have the meta window open. These 10 people might  
not otherwise play since they might not want to wait for a game, but  
if you alert them all at once a game may be likely to happen.