On 4/12/07, Karthik Arumugham <karthik at karthik.com> wrote:
> I like this one. The color could vary continuously from pure red
> (100% damage inflicted) to pure green (0% damage inflicted.) This is
> a good example of a teaching tool that does NOT change the game
> mechanics.

Yeah this could be a a very non evasive non infoborg feature.

> I have thought about this one as well. Even better, it could act as a
> counter of how many people are ready to play their selection default
> game type. So, for example, it might alert if 10 people who've
> selected Bronco all have the meta window open. These 10 people might
> not otherwise play since they might not want to wait for a game, but
> if you alert them all at once a game may be likely to happen.

Perhaps if a certain predefined threshold of players with metaservers
open is reached they could all be emailed or even sent a message
directly to their desktop. Setup a central zephyr server and let each
metaserver come with a preconfigured zephyr client subscribed to
instance "netrek-t" and we could have other instances for clue games
and what not. :-P