On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 12:19:37AM -0400, Bill Balcerski wrote:
> Hi all.  Over the past few months, netrek servers I run have come
> under a distributed denial of service attack that has been pretty
> constant and insistent.  Initially the attacks started out as mass
> flood connects from a few IPs, but after some measures were put into
> place to prevent that, the attacks morphed into hundreds and thousands
> of unique IPs connecting to the server in spaced out intervals so that
> unique IPs occupy every slot.  The slots sit at the login screen,
> preventing players from connecting.  This sort of attack, while
> currently only directed at me (first at sturgeon, then at my bronco
> server when I took sturgeon off the metaserver) can be used to knock
> any netrek server out.  With so few servers and server operators, I
> really think this needs to be addressed.  Quozl had put some things on
> the todo list regarding this, namely some sort of handshake between
> client and server, but this is really out of my league to implement.
> So I am asking of the dev community, if you can contribute code to
> deal with this security hole, please do so.

	Perhaps you shouldn't have pissed off so many people over the
	past few years by your behavior.  It is completely evident that
	this is personal; no other servers have been attacked except
	for yours.


> On another note, I am quite distressed at how much pressure is being
> put on independent server operators to not run public servers.  First
> pulsar, then meeper, and now warped will all forced out of operation
> by complaints (or criminal behavior) from a vocal few.  I think it's a
> shame we are losing developers due to this sort of thing.  More
> servers and server operators should be encouraged, not discouraged due
> to fear of spreading out the playerbase.

	Umm, pulsar was shut down by it's admin, there was no external
	pressure to do so by anyone else.  His server was, if memory
	serves, hanging and he didn't have time to deal with it.

	meeper was asked to stop hosting useless bot servers that
	served no purpose.  He was then asked to shut down his 
	hockey server that was tcp only and sitting on the end of 
	a slow dsl line.  It served no purpose and attracted newbies
	that were confused by the server.  meeper is not a developer
	and had to have his hand held in compiling the server and
	getting it functional.

	Please get your facts straight.


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<sxem> trying to play sturgeon while it's under attack is apparently not fun.
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