On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 09:20:01AM +0200, Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> I have a suggestion for whoever's working on the server code. I'd like to 
> see a better countdown to timercide. Right now we get a message at the 30 
> minute mark and at the 15 minute mark (maybe it's a few more, I've been up 
> all night playing so I'm not very sharp right now).

I investigated.  The existing source code emits the messages every five

> I'd like to see one 
> every minute from T-5m and then in the last minute I'd like to see it at 
> T-50s, T-40s, T-30s, T-20s, T-10s and T-(9-1)s (that is at every second 
> the last ten seconds). Like INL end game. I think that would make 
> timercides even more fun and intriguing.

I agree, and so I've made a change on continuum to support this, in that
a message will be emitted every minute for the last five minutes.

I wasn't able to easily do a ten second countdown, because the existing
source code is very definite about the surrender checking being done
every server minute.

Interesting side-effect in the existing code is that any pause to the
surrender results in whole minute delays.

On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 05:10:20PM +0200, Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> Also it would be great if the "time" command on the non-INL server 
> could show seconds and not only minutes.

I've also added this.  Please try it out.  The possible messages you
will get include:

"The %s have %d minutes %d seconds left before they surrender."

"The %s have %d minutes left before they surrender."

"The %s will have %d minutes left, when players return"

"The %s will have %d minutes left, if they lose a planet"

There is a strong possibility of server crash due to inadequate testing.
Let me know if that happens.  The two types of crash will be either loss
of connection for all players at once, or loss of connection for one
player who does a TIME command.

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