On 2/23/07, Colin MacDonald <rogerborg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hmm, those are (temporary!) info-borg hacks so that I can more easily
> compare what I see on the 3D screen with the definitive 2D client during
> testing.  They're not proposed changes to the 2D client.
> I will make the full source available closer to completion (or more likely
> abandonment ;) ) but it's in bits and pieces just now and I don't think
> there's anything particularly interesting in it.

Past experience has shown that source that is not released is lost.
What I recommend is doing both of these things:

 - release a compressed archive of all your source
 - release a diff -u of the source tree you started with, and the
source that you've got now.

Do both of those, and we can garantee that your changes are recorded
for a Long Time, and we will be able to figure out who wrote what.

I recognise that you might think that things aren't 'clean' enough
yet, but please, release early, release often.

Stephen Thorne

"Give me enough bandwidth and a place to sit and I will move the world."
  --Jonathan Lange