On 28 Feb 2007, at 19:00, netrek-dev-request at us.netrek.org wrote:

> Are there any MacTrek people out there that can help a newbie out?

Sure, you can also always drop an email at info a-t luky.nl

> Has the issue with the "Active" message been fixed in the latest  
> release?

No, it's still in the 1.1.0 release, but it has been fixed in the  
trunk. you can either
build from source or i can email/ftp you a beta of 1.2.0

> Is there a way to save custom settings from one game to another  
> using the
> MacTrek client?

The simpelest way is to copy the application. The data is stored  
inside it.
For those who dare the alternative route is:

Right Click the App, select Show Package Contents. Go to Contents,  
(hey cool, i one can steal all the graphics here :-) there are two  
files: keymap.xml
(unless you never changed the defaults) and settings.xml

Copy both inside the new executable and you are good to go. I try to  
keep this
downwards compatible... but no promise :-)