On Friday 12 January 2007 00:54, Zach wrote:
> Trying to get COW 3 setup. I just followed instructions on this page:
> http://netrek.hwy.com.au/legacy.phtml
> It says to ask on the mailing list how to setup the high quality graphics
> [1] and sound [2] so can someone tell me how to do that?
> Also does anyone know where I can download a tarball of the
> COW_3_00pl3 source code?

The Cow source is located on sourceforge

> What is the latest version of COW?

The latest I did was COW 3.01

> [1] http://netrek.hwy.com.au/clients/cow/pixmaps.tgz
> [2] http://netrek.hwy.com.au/clients/cow/COW-Sound.3.00.tar.gz

Extract this files and set the coresponding directories in the .netrekrc file.

# Sound is really cool, but anoing for others.
sounddir:               /usr/games/netrek/sounds
sound:                  on

# Nice Color Graphics
pixmapDir:              /usr/games/netrek/pixmaps



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