William Balcerski <williamb at its.caltech.edu> writes:
> I played around with changing tactical size, here's the thing.  If you go
> try and increase the range, ie display beyond a 20000x20000 galactic units
> window, you will have incomplete information, as weapons info is not sent
> beyond that range.  So there is essentially a fog of war for weapons, but
> not ships.  It can make weapons seem to appear out of nowhere.  Mactrek
> has this problem I believe.   

(1) Shade the weapons with distance, so that they seem to fade away
(2) Have weapons at middle distance be rendered in a different fashion,
as if you could see close strikes but middle distance would look more
"computerfied" with maybe some vector lines, as if your ship's systems
had to infer that data, and then no weapons info past that
(3) an equivalent to det circle; some kind of "fishbowl" shading overlay
surround that makes the range limit visible

(speaking of which, will this have a det circle? you could instead somehow 
strobe or rotate colors on incoming torps so that you could estimate
how close they are...)

> Don't worry about infoborg too much, army count for all planets displayed
> on tactical and galactic without using info key is probably out though

I can think of a hellish lot of borg stuff.
Overlay player login handle on ships. Highlight ships with kills.
Damage and fuel estimates next to enemies. Ew.

>...   Other than that, we've put in lots of
> things that were once called borg, so never hurts to try!

Out of curiousity, what? Det circle and AGRIcaps I know, what else?
One key lock-and-twarp? Overloaded bomb/beam-up key?