Unsure if this is an isolated incident but I appear to be missing the 
original post for this subject on the dev list.

I also appear to be missing the original post with the subject line "Re: 
[netrek-dev] "rado to -dev translation gateway" for joe + Quozl".  The only 
thing I am seeing in regards to this subject is one response from RadoS 
dated today.

There were some issues several weeks back with posts coming through on the 
dev list.  Not sure if this is related.  Could be an issue on my end.

I don't have any filtering turned on for this account.  Anyone else seeing 
this problem?


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> On Sat, Jun 30, 2007 at 05:52:49PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
>> "It costs no money to play, there are no ads, and it's open source."
>> and right next to it "Paradise 2000", that's ... contradictory.
> Agreed.  netrek.org maintainers please either remove the term open
> source or remove Paradise 2000.  Or balance it with a footnote "except
> Paradise 2000".  Or use "mostly" as a qualifier.
>> http://www.netrek.org/servers/machines.php
>> [...]
>> (2-3 more servers might come later when ready)
> netrek.org maintainers please avoid statements about futures unless they
> are backed by substantial evidence.  People mistrust web sites that
> claim things that do not happen, and as content maintainers you cannot
> ensure this predicted event happens.
>> - Ad TedTurner: I read Dave has added some patches recently to
>> correct errors with torps, but I have no idea where he stored the
>> code now... maybe you can clarify this with him to correct the link
>> and propagate it to us.
> Please do your own research, Rado.  Unreleased code is not worth the
> paper it isn't printed on.
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