=- James Cameron wrote on Sun  1.Jul'07 at 11:22:54 +1000 -=

> > http://www.netrek.org/servers/machines.php
> > [...]
> > (2-3 more servers might come later when ready)
> netrek.org maintainers please avoid statements about futures
> unless they are backed by substantial evidence.

() was meant as internal note to admin, not to be put on-line, relax.

> > - Ad TedTurner: I read Dave has added some patches recently to
> > correct errors with torps, but I have no idea where he stored
> > the code now... maybe you can clarify this with him to correct
> > the link and propagate it to us.
> Please do your own research, Rado. Unreleased code is not worth
> the paper it isn't printed on.

Again, relax. What more research is there than Dave mentioning the
patch himself?
If you had read what Andrew was writing, you'd have noticed that
he's more in touch with Dave than at least I am.
It's more likely/faster for him to get info from Dave directly.

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