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> Unfairness in the context of a running game is destructive, and
> should be avoided, but the implementation of this varies according
> to the participant. Some demand client blessing, with a refusal to
> admit the technical uselessness of such a concept.

There is no 100% safe system easily implemented, but that's not even
needed: die hard cheaters aren't stoppable, but making it too easy
for everyone is like inviting such bad attitude as habit eventually.
 Raising the threshold just a little makes it harder for simpletons
to just change a few simple things to give them an advantage and
reduces the number of people capable of cheating, just because it
isn't as easily possible anymore. They'd have to put some effort
into it they aren't willing to spend in big numbers.

> By my decision, the only threshold of control is the Netrek
> protocol on TCP and UDP.

I once said I like this simple limitation, but seeing my quoted
example of phaser targeting aids this is too little, because this
can't be controlled by the protocol, yet it is against the "fair
game" concept where the core action is supposed to be performed by
the human.

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