On Sun, Jul 01, 2007 at 10:11:47AM -0700, Joe Evango wrote:
> Strange.  I will need to read through the archives to get caught up on these 
> threads.

	It's obvious to me that Joe is not that only one missing posts
	from the list.  Recent posts to the list quote messages that I
	never received.

	I have made casual comments in the past regarding this issue.

	It's a highly sporadic problem from what I can see.  I can also
	assure you that it is not a problem on my end; while I do
	/heavy/ spam filtering I do not toss any of it out, it gets
	saved into a Spamdir for me to review later.  I have seen
	no recent -dev posts in there.

	Frankly, due to a heavy work load (58 hours billable last week)
	I do not have the time nor motivation to go through the archive
	to see what I may have missed.  I maintain my own personal
	archive, so if I ever /do/ have time I will generate a list of
	those items I missed and submit it to anyone that is interested
	in trying to figure out what's going on.


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