On all reports/requests for web site stuff,
please specify what page you are referring to. 

I will make a specific note right here:
  Netrek is not in good shape.

Rado S <regrado at web.de> writes:
> Observations of passages on netrek.org:
> "It costs no money to play, there are no ads, and it's open source."
> and right next to it "Paradise 2000", that's ... contradictory.

OK, I'll add a qualifier. 
And I'll add a qualifier on the ads part for link exchanges. 

> Please use irc://irc.freenode.net/#netrek (with the '#'), to avoid
> confusion with a potential "netrek" user.

ok, modded in my dev copy. 
will probably be a few days before I push it to the server. 

> http://www.netrek.org/servers/machines.php
> Please add paradise.homeunix.org (type Paradise), notes:
> 	- local modifications to ship selection, CV "carrier" is
> 		CC "calamari" and might work differently (untested).
> 	- not all ships available (like PT).
> 	- wormholes enabled.

I'll do this, with some notes about it not being in the metaserver
and having to turn "TryUDP: off". 

I guarentee, though, that this is futile. 
You aren't going to get any new players who bother with flipping
config file settings and entering the server on a command line.

You can't get p2k into a major distribution because it isn't open
source, and you can't get a blessed TT build, or even any TT build,
because you have no programmer resources. Without being in a
distribution, I see no other way you will attract players to a game
that doesn't have any unless you do banner and google ads, which I
very much doubt will happen. 

Even though it's futile, and thus a waste of my/our limited
resources, I'll do it for the sake of fairness and completeness,
but please be aware of the costs of what you are asking; I don't have
enough time to do netrek stuff as it is. Efforts need to be concentrated
in the highest-return areas. 

> Downloads: misses Paradise + TedTurner, add with notes that it can
> play both Paradise + Bronco.

"There are a bunch of older clients (COW for Windows, BRMH and
TedTurner for Unixes including Mac OS X) available on the full client
download listing page." 

There are no current TT builds; every one of them is at least two major
OS revs back. There is no player base using this client. 

> - Ad p2k see above: "which means that the Netrek source code is
> freely available."
> - Ad RSA see "consensus" response in other mail: "To prevent
> cheating, all official client binaries authenticate themselves via
> RSA to the server. They are called "blessed" clients."
> If consensus says it's pointless, drop it altogether.
> 	Otherwise let's have a functional/ controlled system (even
> 	if unperfect).
> - Ad TedTurner: I read Dave has added some patches recently to
> correct errors with torps, but I have no idea where he stored the
> code now... maybe you can clarify this with him to correct the link
> and propagate it to us.
> - Ad Paradise missing: TT is just flashier, but basically they do
> the same. It's smaller/ leaner and therefore preference for some.
> Paradise still works fine like brmh.

I don't really understand much of what you mean here.