Posted By: lukassen
Date: 2007-07-06 07:05
Summary: 1.3.0 Released, 1.2 depricated

As of now MacTrek 1.3 is the main version in the field. Support on  
the 1.2 branch (1.2.0) is officially dropped. SVN holds the release  
versions as well as development branches of all releases.

You may expect 1.3.x updates with bugfixes until 1.4 is released  
(main development trunk) Hopefully not too many.

- Added support for multiple LAN cards and IPv6
- Added detonation circle
- Added improved localhost server
- Added transparent fuel gauge
- Added hull strength ring
- Added instant play (auto login) (1718727)
- Added tip of the day (1722468)
- Added support for wait queues (1718734)
- Added help button with manual to game (1723627)
- Added initial support for UDP
- Added new sounds
- Bugfix no longer show timed out servers
- Bugfix can now quickly switch between servers
- Bugfix autorelease bug in server reader (1704614)
- Bugfix return torp/phaser not checked (1705633)
- Changed fonts to remove dependency (1722574)
- Changed help window to transparent HUD
- Changed splash screen
- Changed implementation of network (speed bump!)
- Changed size of console logging
- Changed client size (reduce)
- Changed default mouse buttons (1722573)

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