A couple of problems noted immediately:

Instant play only works once per launch for me. If I try it again,  
nothing happens when I click the button. (When it does work, though,  
it works quite well to get the player into the game! Well done.)

The login button on the server selection screen is sometimes grayed  
out after getting to the screen and selecting a server. I had to  
select another server then go back to my original selection to make  
the button clickable.

I also enjoyed seeing that left-click is now set course. This will  
help newbies immensely.

Suggestion for next version: Semi-transparent box with the basic  
controls (course, speed, lock on planet, phasers, torps, shields,  
repair, cloak, full help key) that hovers when you enter the game.  
Have both that box and the main menu tip box have a "Don't show this  
to me in the future" checkbox, so players don't have to see it  
anymore once they've gotten the hang of it.