=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Sun  1.Jul'07 at 15:30:24 -0400 -=

> >> These are philosophical questions ... there is no authority,
> >> there is no organisation, except that which we create.
> Rado S <regrado at web.de> writes:
> > Then why not create it?
> Doing so costs time and attention we do not have when our current
> lack of it works just fine.

... "works just fine" with regard to what goal or route/ plan?
Are there already noticable improvements of non volatile nature?
Do we keep enough newbies to have lasting growth?
(I'm sorry for being unaware, I was pretty busy the past month(s).
Until recently I just learned a little from netrek-dev, and I didn't
notice there any success reports beyond "hey, a full server" once in
a long while.)
	Remember, in the other thread you said you need some more
	resources. Has this changed or will it change on its own?

In the past one problem was that people weren't busy with netrek so
it dropped in the background left alone on its own.
Talking about it brings attention, ideas, and maybe enough momentum
to produce participation.

Having clearly defined organisation + roles (with responsibilities)
and people filling them can mean more commitment and therefore output.
Some people need that, they don't get moving on their own, they need
external "push" signals as reminders for their own interest.

Others don't like being pressed to live up to own promises or
committing oneself in the 1st place, but then there is no point in
coordination to achieve "fast" results to catch the hype of a new
mac client, which was the original reason to call for changes (yours
and mine). If the existing setup had been attractive enough, then
people would already have contributed by now what we still miss.

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