=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Sun  1.Jul'07 at 15:31:53 -0400 -=

> > http://www.netrek.org/servers/machines.php
> > Please add paradise.homeunix.org (type Paradise), notes:
> I guarentee, though, that this is futile. 
> You aren't going to get any new players who bother with flipping
> config file settings and entering the server on a command line.

You're thinking on too short terms.
Besides, it's for complete reference (as you already figured out
yourself), not for promotion.
That will happen differently.
But some people might become curious when they stumble over it
there, so let them have it.

Re "futile", haven't you said there isn't any discrimination (and
won't be)? Assigning "futile" is some discrimination.
 It's not only about meta-server entries, but also publicity and
general access.

> {...} and you can't get a blessed TT build, or even any TT build,
> because you have no programmer resources.

This might change soon, since we've run across a new pool of
interested people.

> Without being in a distribution, I see no other way you will
> attract players to a game that doesn't have any unless you do
> banner and google ads, which I very much doubt will happen.

Patience, dude, patience. :)
But that's a good point to correct soon.

> Even though it's futile, and thus a waste of my/our limited
> resources, I'll do it for the sake of fairness and completeness,
> but please be aware of the costs of what you are asking; I don't
> have enough time to do netrek stuff as it is.

Thank you for now.
If we'd have the wiki, I'd have done it myself if my time had
permitted before. That's why I've been arguing in favour of it.

Futility(?) depends on the viewpoint: you may not be in favour of
its success.

> Efforts need to be concentrated in the highest-return areas.

Great, is there a rated list so we all can see what to focus in
which order?
Or at least, what you consider that way.

> > Downloads: misses Paradise + TedTurner, add with notes that it
> > can play both Paradise + Bronco.
> "There are a bunch of older clients (COW for Windows, BRMH and
> TedTurner for Unixes including Mac OS X) available on the full
> client download listing page."
> There are no current TT builds; every one of them is at least two
> major OS revs back. There is no player base using this client.

Well, original solaris blessed client still works, even on solaris 10.
(I guess TT, too)
How are they supposed to build a player base without a client?
(chicken - egg) How has the windows player base begun?
Without having a client first?

(see also below for original client)

> > - Ad p2k see above: "which means that the Netrek source code is
> > freely available."

Needs the previously mentioned qualifiers, too.

> > - Ad TedTurner: I read Dave has added some patches recently to
> > correct errors with torps, but I have no idea where he stored the
> > code now... maybe you can clarify this with him to correct the link
> > and propagate it to us.

Well... I was assuming you had more personal contact to him than I
did because of your nexus business, so I hoped you'd faster resolve
this with him directly on a sidenote to your already existing
exchange. But if I'm mistaken, then I'll ask him myself.

> > - Ad Paradise missing: TT is just flashier, but basically they do
> > the same. It's smaller/ leaner and therefore preference for some.
> > Paradise still works fine like brmh.

You listed TedTurner at the end, but not the original Paradise client.
Add it below TT, too.
There isn't only TT, don't ignore the original client (for bins +

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