Heh, you guys are far too paranoid.  Netrek won't fail because some jackass
is looking for information to make your lives difficult.  Concentrate on
building the playe rbase, improving the game and generally figuring out how
to get more people involved, not on how to prevent people from finding out
more information about the game.

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On 6/18/07, James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:
> To be more effective in making the game, or a subcommunity in the game,
> fail.  By gathering intelligence.  Anyway, they don't need to join, they
> can just watch the archives.  If we cast a vote of value for each
> subscriber, how would we all score?

Maybe the archives can be made secret. Depends how you define value:
loc, paid advertizing efforts, time spent coaching newbies,
participation in clue games, word of mouth
advertizing, time spent chatting about netrek issues in IRC, # of
words related to netrek send to netrek-dev, content generated for the
wiki, hosting community services, etc.


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