=- Joe Evango wrote on Sun 17.Jun'07 at 14:12:21 -0700 -=

> There is a plan and people are currently in the middle
> coordinating and executing it. Dave has been key in coordinating
> and providing resources needed for, what I consider to be, one of
> the largest promotional pushes for Netrek since I started playing.
> How does this plan you proposed tie in with what we are currently
> working on? Can you please summarize in one sentence what it is
> you are trying to accomplish?

Your plan then has a flaw: it needs publicity.
That's one major component of mine. ;)

I mean the _planning_ itself, not just that you're doing _something_.
You 2 are now doing all the work alone, while there could be more to
your side. (or who else is working on it and doing what?!)

There have been annoucements to use a wiki, now it's in the hands of
only you 2 again (you're fine guys, but we have no systematic
progress of getting rid of technical/ personal dependency which stalled
netrek the last time).

Now the only thing I (or anyone else) can do is sit and wait till
you guys start the show. This is not what I imagine a cooperative
open community to be where all pull at the same end of the string.

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