That is what we have been and are currently concentrating on.

I am trying to understand what RadoS is trying to accomplish with his plan.  
Is there a specific issue he is trying to address?  His emails are all over 
the place and difficult to understand.  He is aware of plans currently in 
progress to help build the playerbase after the 
merger as I have communicated this to him and many others using various 
channels.  Have been talking about it for months yet, from what I can tell, 
I see no mention of this in his emails.


>From: "ChronosWS" <chronosws at>
>Heh, you guys are far too paranoid.  Netrek won't fail because some jackass
>is looking for information to make your lives difficult.  Concentrate on
>building the playe rbase, improving the game and generally figuring out how
>to get more people involved, not on how to prevent people from finding out
>more information about the game.

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