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> Otherwise people focus on minor or even irrelevant details to turn
> attention away from the necessary issues and lose the big picture.

You're encountering the same phenomenon for a different reason.  Your emails
are so sprawling that folks zone out while reading them and instead focus on
the one thing that sticks out to them.  They then only respond to that one.

I think you have good ideas, but I think you're putting the cart before the
horse.  You're calling for a lot of leadership and organization but I think
you fail to realize that you can't create this in a vacuum.  Those kinds of
structures need to be created AFTER things start moving, when the devs and
admins start noticing that they're getting bogged down in organizational
issues and feel the need to consolidate and coordinate to get things done.
We're not there yet.

I work for a very large company.  I've seen this mistake made by management
many, many times.  They figure a reorganization and a "tiger team" and a
plan and committees will suddenly produce organization and efficiency simply
because they want them to - it doesn't work that way.

I think your ideas have merit.  I think they're valid concerns.  I think
most of them are too early.  If I were you I'd start much simpler.   Push
for one or two changes that will have short term benefits, and make a case
for them.  I need to emphasize "short term".  Keep them simple.  If they
work and folks are receptive to them, push for more.  Volunteer your efforts
in something as a method of building credibility.  I certainly like what
you've done in awakening the Paradise community from our slumber.  Just
don't get frustrated when others don't immediately share your enthusiasm -
you can easily go too far and alienate folks.

Anyhow, I think you're doing a good job but I think you're a bit overzealous
and it's probably why you're getting some push-back on your ideas.  :)

Jeffrey AKA Boscoe


"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from
oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that
will reach to himself." -- Thomas Paine
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