=- James Quick wrote on Mon 18.Jun'07 at  9:07:39 +1000 -=

> G'day Rado,


> You asked that you be treated equally, I think, in your mail to which
> this mail has latest References.

"I do ask for constructive, reasonable participation."

If this means "equally" to you, then yes.

> I will do so once you send small mails with a single issue in
> them, like everybody else does.
> When you go monolithic, I ignore you because of the high cost of
> answering.
> On the other hand, please keep no more than one question open at a
> time.


Does this mean 1 sentence or line per eMail?
You know, some answers (must) exceed the size of the question (or
quote), and people begin to address aspects that haven't been aimed
for at 1st.
 Still, they are (at least in the first few responses) related, part
of a whole issue. And to get the whole picture, you have to see all
parts, at best read them all _before_ replying to _any_ of it.

Otherwise people focus on minor or even irrelevant details to turn
attention away from the necessary issues and lose the big picture.

Does this mean you want me to split the mail up for you to read 1
passage after the other?
What's that different than editing each passage on your own as time

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