<joee1> I am just trying to understand the purpose of the plan you
	proposed on the dev list.

Ultimately bring more fun to trek and more people following the fun
to us.

- a system to produce "fair" clients: no cheating, no borg.
- a system to allow trek variants next to each other, ideally
cooperatively, but at least peacefully, no discrimination, for
people to pick their preferred way of trek fun. Later fluctuation
will bring people to other flavours, too, so all benefit in the end,
if linked together well back and forth (www, ads, metas, clients).

For any trek game you need resources like code-, game-, meta- and
www-servers to bring the fun to the people and coders.
For progress you need a direction, and for efficiency that should be

This needs some people defining trek variants and controling (with
help of agents) that this works smoothly. If something is needed to
know for developers (or any contributors), those coordinators should
know and respond quickly (dev- and user-support and cheat-control
can be time expensive, so not suitable for all current owner to have
even more load).

If those purposes are not desired, forget all about the "plan".
If either of them are (both are independent from each other, but need
the same action of definition + control), then it's easier to reuse
existing resources than to build them up from zero.

Therefore the current owners support at least must be checked first.
At best they'd even pick up the role of definers and controlers
If there is neither active participation nor indirect support/
tolerance by the owners, others have to be found.

That's what the "plan" and suggested roles is about as described in
detail in the "call for feedback" eMail.
Given the discussion that took place before I assumed that was
basically clear, just needed refinement to the core.

Note: this is about Paradise, _too_, but even without it, the same
plan would stand for "fair Bronco clients" alone.

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