Rado wrote:
> - a system to produce "fair" clients: no cheating, no borg.

Consensus is currently working just fine at keeping borgish 
enhancements subject to feature packeting such that a server admin
can choose which features are active. Any sufficiently advanced
programmer (say, 2nd or 3rd year computer science college student) can
cheat. That isn't going to change any time soon for a whole number
of reasons. 

> - a system to allow trek variants next to each other, ideally
> cooperatively, but at least peacefully, no discrimination, for
> people to pick their preferred way of trek fun. 

We have that. No metaserver currently discriminates.

> For progress you need a direction, and for efficiency that should be
> coordinated.

Right now we have a resource shortage, not an organization shortage. 
We are a lean and efficient organization. I do not believe that at 
present we can more efficiently use the resources we have, so adding 
more coordination overhead than we already have is a waste of limited 

Find me five hundred additional active players, a half dozen more game
servers live, six to ten more coders, web authors, and sysadmins, and
we might need some of the stuff you post about. But we aren't going to
get those bodies by talking about organization and defining roles.