There are a lot of comments on this thread, and what I have to say is
fairly simple.  I am no longer sufficiently involved in Netrek to
provide any meaningful guidance in terms of where the game should go.  I
am not statisfied with the "current state" as you put it, but the old
timers have moved on and taken their knowledge, experience, initiative,
and the game with them.  It is time for the current contributors and
players to pick up the torch and take it where they wish.  Netrek is not
the same as it was.  And it shouldn't be.

Regarding the infrastructure, I prefer to delegate maintenance of a
particular resource to capable people who can commit to doing so for an
extended period of time.  This is my strategy for removing myself as the
bottleneck for getting things done.

The wiki path is complementary to what Andrew and Joe are doing, and
I'll open it up eventually.