Jeffrey Watts wrote:
> It would be helpful to get an idea where development is headed right now,
> though.  

Hmm, he/she who writes the code leads? Seems to be the way smaller open
source projects work.

Dave Ahn wrote:
> Regarding the infrastructure, I prefer to delegate maintenance of a
> particular resource to capable people who can commit to doing so for an
> extended period of time.

I'll happily delegate anything that the wiki identifies as "Bob Tanner's

All netrek resources I provide are free (no cost) and are Free (as in
speech) to be moved somewhere else.

Netrek is a small community. So much effort is being put into -what- to do
that nothing is actually getting done.

When I see things like giving people "titles" and "responsibilities" I start
ignoring the message. Personally, I have enough titles and responsibilities
at work that I don't need to be branded with them from an open source

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