On Sun, Jun 17, 2007 at 09:57:30PM -0500, Jeffrey Watts wrote:
> Wow, is the infighting that bad?

No, just that we're dealing with anonymous distributed denial of service
attacks, and recently the attacks changed footprint at about the same
time that new information was shared.  It seems logical to assume that
we have hostile parties present, either on IRC or the mailing list, or
watching the archives.

> It would be helpful to get an idea where development is headed right
> now, though.

No specific public plans at this time, apart from what is in the source
repository BUGS or PROJECTS files.  The people running the clue games
are generating patches to solve issues there.

> I've heard some mention of an effort in merging Paradise's extensions
> into Bronco to create a "unified" server.

Yes, I've said that I'd prefer to have the Paradise extensions merged
into Vanilla, so that the source code of the server can support all the
operational modes instead of just all but one.  It would be a complex
task.  Currently Vanilla supports Bronco pickup, Bronco clue, INL, base
practice, newbie, Pre-T, Sturgeon, and several other minor variants.

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