> G'day,
> It would seem the mactrek client has a problem with its speech
> synthesiser.where the phrase "Our computers limit us to having 8 live
> torpedo's at a time captain!" comes out with "live" as in to "live
> life to the fullest", not as in "live wire".

So, you've put a Klingon on tactical and now complain about an  
accent? :-)

> The advice I just got from a speech usability expert was to spell it
> "lighve" before sending it to the speech synth. Some synthesisers have
> heuristics to try and get this right, but are notorious for getting it
> wrong.

Indeed! though it may be better in Leopard, it's a matter of syntax i  
I've added a string compare for that exact message and change the  
word to
lighve which works perfectly.

Just in time for the 1.3 release, but it's the last bug i want to  
incorporate in this
release. As Andrew indicated: the best place to keep track of the  
bugs is in
the bug tracker, but hey at least you reported it, that's already great.