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> > - a system to produce "fair" clients: no cheating, no borg.
> Consensus is currently working just fine at keeping borgish
> enhancements subject to feature packeting such that a server admin
> can choose which features are active. Any sufficiently advanced
> programmer (say, 2nd or 3rd year computer science college student)
> can cheat. That isn't going to change any time soon for a whole
> number of reasons.

On side notes (observations on netrek.org): see separate mail.

But with respect to the "consensus", we have this one:
"We've got clients, we've got servers, we've got a network protocol
with RSA client verification, ..."
is then obsolete, if I understood the "consensus" right?

Also: http://www.netrek.org/developer/design.html
"1992: RSA
Since the source for the netrek client is publicly available, anyone
can change, for example, the phaser() routine to automatically hit
the closest target, instead of aiming at the cursor as it does in
most clients; this sort of modification is usually referred to as a
"borg". With the RSA system, servers can require that only clients
which are on an approved list can connect and play. This has allowed
client development to grow without harming the nature of the game."

Now... without RSA (or any replacement) to make such things harder,
_anyone_ without even basic 2-3y cs experience could hack that.
It's not about making things 100% safe, but making it harder for the
clueless spoilsports. If they had enough clue for such hacking, they
wouldn't be such lamers to cheat.

> > - a system to allow trek variants next to each other, ideally
> > cooperatively, but at least peacefully, no discrimination, for
> > people to pick their preferred way of trek fun.
> We have that. No metaserver currently discriminates.

Well... there have been times when people felt like favouring one
server over the others (or type of servers). Especially recently
when Bill's Sturgeon server caught some players this was raised.
I just want to know what the powers feel about it generally.
Neutrality isn't everyone's favourite when it comes to their
favourite pet.

> > For progress you need a direction, and for efficiency that
> > should be coordinated.
> Right now we have a resource shortage, not an organization
> shortage.

Like what resource?

> We are a lean and efficient organization.

Then please add some more progress publicity.
I don't check every page on netrek.org each day to catch every
significant progress that could happen randomly.
Last relevant news: 23-Feb-2007 We're beginning to resurrect the

> Find me five hundred additional active players, a half dozen more
> game servers live, six to ten more coders, web authors, and
> sysadmins, and we might need some of the stuff you post about.

... in the past we had all that and _therefore_ no need for an
organisation (league aside). We need something to get started again.
Chaotic "everyone does what he wants when he wants" (possibly
struggling against each other) dissolves into nothingness. We need
more coordination for the little that we have left.

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