Received an email from someone who seems fairly new.  He has some ideas for a new server which sounds similar to Paradise but on a much larger scale.  I know we don't have anywhere near the number of players needed to support something like this but I told him I would forward his email onto the server developers for review, so here you go:

Hi, I used to play Netrek under the name of jamestc on my mum's computer
At the moment I am using a different computer which can't run Netrek but I 
will play again when I get my new CPU.

Anyway, I just came up with an idea for a new server
(you may already have something like this, but I don't know that)

All the current servers are great, one reasonable sized galaxy where havoc 
reigns every night.
But I think that there should be a server for the people who like 
exploration and open space.
Similar to the regular ones, but on a MUCH larger scale, and with extras. 
Such as clouds of Nebula gas, Black holes, asteroid belts etc. so its 
basically an entire map stretching from one edge of space to the other. And 
instead of just flying from one territory to another randomally, players 
actually exit one galaxy, e.g. the one with all the human planets, fly 
though some space, maybe dodge an asteroid field on the way, and enter a 
different galaxy with the Romulans planets or whatever.

of course this would mean that this particular server would need the 
capacity to hold a few more players than just 16 split into 2 teams of 8.

Prehaps there could be about 25 in each galaxy, and all 4 galaxy can be full 
at once? that would be awesome unless im just going over the top... lol.

but compare this new server to the episodes of star-trek seen on TV, they 
would be quite similar, but with less talking and more fighting :P

Thats it really. Just saying I thing Netrek is a cool game, and giving you 
the idea of this new server, and pointing out that more spaces for players 
would be a good idea. Prehaps you could make 2 or 3, maybe even 4 servers 
like this incase one of them got full.

hope you take these ideas into consideration, and maybe even create the 
server for real.

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