Several of his ideas are quite good, and map to what Kathy Sierra was
saying in her presentation.

The gradual revelation idea, the exploration of space, is a particularly
attractive part of gaming.  The only way we satisfy that at the moment
is having the planets scanned by orbiting, or by the visibility of
enemies according to proximity of friends.

We could add a seen-on-tactical-by-team bit to each planet, and only
send them out to the client when someone has visited recently.
Certainly an idea for a sturgeon enhancement.

We have pl_info, which is a mask of teams that have orbited a planet,
and are kept informed after that about planet attributes, until the
planet is taken.

We could add pl_discovered, which would be a mask of teams that have
seen the planet on the tactical.  The actual implementation wouldn't be
difficult.  Is he willing to help?  Here's a start ...

diff -rN -u old-netrek-server/Vanilla/include/struct.h new-netrek-server/Vanilla/include/struct.h
--- old-netrek-server/Vanilla/include/struct.h  2007-03-07 12:57:32.000000000 +1100
+++ new-netrek-server/Vanilla/include/struct.h  2007-03-07 12:57:35.000000000 +1100
@@ -586,6 +586,7 @@
     int pl_info;               /* Teams which have info on planets */
     int pl_deadtime;           /* Time before planet will support life */
     int pl_couptime;           /* Time before coup may take place */
+    int pl_discovered;         /* teams which have seen planet on tactical */
 #define MVALID 0x01

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