=- Joe Evango wrote on Tue  6.Mar'07 at 17:10:17 -0800 -=

> He has some ideas for a new server which sounds similar to
> Paradise but on a much larger scale.

It sounds very much like Paradise.
What scale? I guess more players? Planets? Shouldn't be too hard
to expand that (0-9a-zA-Z + 2 more == 64 total players ;).

> {...} but I told him I would forward his email onto the server
> developers for review, so here you go:

Let him join himself to take the flak. ;)
At least tell him about Paradise and that he should give it a try.
And visit #netrek + #paradise next to this list.

Does Paradise have this ...?

> But I think that there should be a server for the people who
> like exploration and open space.

Yes, with SC not needing to orbit (makes them "real" scouts ;).

> Such as clouds of Nebula gas, Black holes, asteroid belts etc.
> so its basically an entire map stretching from one edge of space
> to the other.

Yes, although many features appeared when the hightime has passed,
so it wasn't tested to the limits.
Having joined Kud's server a few weeks ago, it didn't feel
error-free, or at least could be improved performance-wise.
Or maybe my client was just too old. ;)

> And instead of just flying from one territory to another
> randomally, players actually exit one galaxy, e.g. the one with
> all the human planets, fly though some space, maybe dodge an
> asteroid field on the way, and enter a different galaxy with the
> Romulans planets or whatever.

Yes, that's Paradise's "real" warp. ;)

> Prehaps there could be about 25 in each galaxy, and all 4 galaxy
> can be full at once? that would be awesome unless im just going
> over the top... lol.

Uh, I guess that would be a _lot_ more players than ever had been
on any P-server, but hey... why has '0' to be limited to just 1
race? Why not have F0-9a-zA-Z and likewise R0-9a-zA-Z, this gives

> but compare this new server to the episodes of star-trek seen on
> TV, they would be quite similar, but with less talking and more
> fighting :P

a) Paradise is definitely closer to TNG.
b) That doesn't mean there is _less_ talking than in Bronco.
c) Talking is still very important, especially on the long
lonesome warp trips to other galaxies, so ... combat- wise
there is not necessarily more action, it's just different.
d) But given the new range of possibilities, it likewise offers
and requires a new range of strategies and tactics, which due to
the nature of Bronco don't (can't) vary as much.

> Thats it really. Just saying I thing Netrek is a cool game, and
> giving you the idea of this new server, and pointing out that more
> spaces for players would be a good idea. Prehaps you could make 2
> or 3, maybe even 4 servers like this incase one of them got full.


> hope you take these ideas into consideration, and maybe even
> create the server for real.

Tell him about Paradise.

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