On Mon, 12 Mar 2007, Narcis wrote:
> i'm trying to create RCD and have implemented most as a distress
> which gets converted to a message string and then send as macro. This
> seems to work, but the other side is not interpreting it as a RCD but
> as a general macro. So what makes a RCD a RCD?

When you send an RCD, it sends a special message with with the RCD flag
set.  The message is just a few bytes that encode the RCD number (distress,
carry, take, etc.) and things like the sender's wtemp and etemp, armies
carried, ship nearest their mouse cursor, etc.

The format of these bytes is documented in the client source somewhere.

The receiver is the one responsible for turning this into actual text.
For beeplite, it can be turned into graphical cues.  In Paradise-2000,
custom voice messages can be played with information from the RCD in
them.  That's one of my features that no one has managed to copy yet.