=- Trent Piepho wrote on Mon 12.Mar'07 at 16:54:12 -0700 -=

> When you send an RCD, it sends a special message with with the
> RCD flag set. The message is just a few bytes that encode the
> RCD number (distress, carry, take, etc.) and things like the
> sender's wtemp and etemp, armies carried, ship nearest their
> mouse cursor, etc.

What I missed for the RCDs is all the nice Paradise macro features.
Have/ can you extend(ed) it to make use of them in RCD, too?

> In Paradise-2000, custom voice messages can be played with
> information from the RCD in them. That's one of my features that
> no one has managed to copy yet.

D'oh, are we in some kind of coding competition?
I thought we were a community to work together
== share and help each other rather than stay for oneself.

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