On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 02:26:06PM +0100, Rado S wrote:
> Yes, with SC not needing to orbit (makes them "real" scouts ;).

That sounds useful.  I'd take a patch that adds that as a sysdef
controlled feature.  PARADISE_SC_PLANET_VIEW perhaps?

> > And instead of just flying from one territory to another
> > randomally, players actually exit one galaxy, e.g. the one with
> > all the human planets, fly though some space, maybe dodge an
> > asteroid field on the way, and enter a different galaxy with the
> > Romulans planets or whatever.
> Yes, that's Paradise's "real" warp. ;)

But Paradise keeps everything on the same galactic, right?  If we ever
need exploration of an area larger than the galactic, the server could
keep an internal set of coordinates for objects, and give a limited
galactic view by providing only some objects with an offset.  Then it
would work with older clients.

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