=- James Quick wrote on Tue 13.Mar'07 at 18:11:01 +1100 -=

> > Yes, that's Paradise's "real" warp. ;)
> But Paradise keeps everything on the same galactic, right?

Paradise has 200Kx200K universe.
There is total view (6x6 sector grids, all objects packed tightly)
and zoomed view (3x3 == 1/4 total ~= Bronco size [120Kx120K?!]).

> If we ever need exploration of an area larger than the galactic,
> the server could keep an internal set of coordinates for
> objects, and give a limited galactic view by providing only some
> objects with an offset. Then it would work with older clients.

Paradise does this zooming client-side IIRC.

BTW, what happened to this new player?
Can we talk to him live (here, rgn or #netrek)?

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