On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, William Balcerski wrote:
> > What I missed for the RCDs is all the nice Paradise macro features.
> > Have/ can you extend(ed) it to make use of them in RCD, too?
> >
> > > In Paradise-2000, custom voice messages can be played with
> > > information from the RCD in them. That's one of my features that
> > > no one has managed to copy yet.
> >
> > D'oh, are we in some kind of coding competition?
> > I thought we were a community to work together

Tell that to the people who try get every feature I think of called borg.
Tell that to the people who release microsoft only clients.  Tell that to
people who don't have the decency to credit others as their source when
they copy them.

> > == share and help each other rather than stay for oneself.
> >
> At least some good came out of Trent's post, I found another feature to
> liberate from his code base, his auto-declare peace on entry stuff.  I
> didn't think the voice stuff was worth taking.  Any useful features in

Bill, admit it, you'd love to copy my voice stuff but you can't figure out

> Paradise-2000 can (and have been) recoded into public source.  Features
> added to XP 2006 include a large number of things that were found only in
> Paradise-2000.

So why don't you credit me as the source of "a large number of things"
instead of pretending they were your ideas?