On 14 Mar 2007, at 00:14, netrek-dev-request at us.netrek.org wrote:

Some very interesting things were said throughout all emotions,
the thing i noticed particually:

> As I've learned from James, not all things called "borg" are borg.
> As long as only information that is already available is used
> (i.e. you have no _more_ info than other players might have),
> then it's just a matter of taste how the available info is
> presented: if the client has the info, go for it.
> I fully agree with that.

Is this a general accepted statement? i sometimes hear the B word
too, (though it is not quite accurate, MacTrek has ghostbusting problems
and the Borg collective has excellent networking :-) but wondered if
there is a general consus about what is borg and what is not.

Personally i like the definition above, including the statement that
computing information (like targeting aids) does qualify as borg.


> the netrek "board" (the people who currently run what keeps netrek  
> alive)?

I'd like to address that question to the "board"  but would not know  
to address.