On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Narcis wrote:

> > As I've learned from James, not all things called "borg" are borg.
> > As long as only information that is already available is used
> > (i.e. you have no _more_ info than other players might have),
> > then it's just a matter of taste how the available info is
> > presented: if the client has the info, go for it.
> > I fully agree with that.
> Is this a general accepted statement? i sometimes hear the B word
> too, (though it is not quite accurate, MacTrek has ghostbusting problems
> and the Borg collective has excellent networking :-) but wondered if
> there is a general consus about what is borg and what is not.

Well, I'd say if you will ask such questions on r.g.n. you will see
10 different answers from 5 people :)

The rule of thumb says that if you have the information you can provide
it to the player. However there are too many exceptions to such short

For example my first client release was borg because I decided to display
number of armies by the side of each visible planet in the galaxy. This
is big no-no, because (according to veteran players) this info is 
available in general, but you have to point to the planet and hit 'i'
in order to actually get it. This takes time in normal client and doesn't
in mine, so it is borg :)

Or having player that has kills highlited in the player list (or on the
map/tactical) - as well nono (although I think Paradise2000 has this).

The best definition of borg that I think I heard of is "If the change
provided gives advantage to clued player over newbie  - it is borg, if not 
- it's ok". This one also has its problems, so you'll have to figure out
with people here whether feature you add is ok or not.
> > the netrek "board" (the people who currently run what keeps netrek  
> > alive)?
> I'd like to address that question to the "board"  but would not know  
> where
> to address.

The board actually includes yourself as well. Everyone who comes to
discuss netrek development issues is "the board member". You can create
whatever borgs you want and everyone can play them on servers that
don't require RSA. If you passed James/Carlos and got your key on
key server - you can play anywhere.
> regards
> Chris


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