On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 10:31:25PM +0100, Rado S wrote:
> I'd like to understand why people prefer to slow down progress for
> no benefit _to anyone_, or what this benefit to the netrek
> community is and therefore why the "lock-down" attitude should be
> supported/ tolerated by the community.

I don't know why.

> > Trent has the right under the ambiguous licensing of the source
> > he started with to lock it up,
> He has the right, but if he prefers to use the code as a toy to
> brag how much "better" he is than others, then he doesn't deserve
> support for this attitude. 

I don't support Trent's attitude, but I won't fight it.  I doubt he
thinks of it in the way you describe.

> > Bill has the right under the ambiguous licensing of
> > Paradise-2000 to implement what he likes,
> Yeah, but he likewise should not rub it in just to provoke anyone.
> That just further fuels the paranoia.

I don't support Bill's attitude either, but I won't fight it, unless
he's trying it on me.  I also doubt he thinks of it like that, I expect
it is just accidental.

I'm not here to exert mental or social control, I'm here to contribute
code, to help others to contribute code, to let server admins run
something that will bring in newbies *and* provide a protected place for
the cripples who refuse to accept change.

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