=- James Quick wrote on Thu 15.Mar'07 at  9:11:14 +1100 -=

> I don't know why.

Even though I responded to your mail, I've hoped for answers
from Trent rather than from you about questions directed at Trent
(as a continuation of the 1st mail with questions to him).
Let him speak for himself.

> > He has the right, but if he prefers to use the code as a toy
> > to brag how much "better" he is than others, then he doesn't
> > deserve support for this attitude.
> I don't support Trent's attitude, but I won't fight it. I doubt
> he thinks of it in the way you describe.

   "That's one of my features that no one has managed to copy yet."
That sounds pretty much like it to me.
Anyway, again I'd like to read Trent's answers.

> I don't support Bill's attitude either, but I won't fight it,
> unless he's trying it on me. I also doubt he thinks of it like
> that, I expect it is just accidental.

... I don't know much about the history between the 2, but ... my
little impressions that I have give me this feeling of intentional

> I'm not here to exert mental or social control, I'm here to
> contribute code, to help others to contribute code, to let server
> admins run something that will bring in newbies *and* provide a
> protected place for the cripples who refuse to accept change.

Such cripples are not the problem, but statements like this are:
"Tell that to the people who try get every feature I think of
called borg."
Meaning: "They would complain about borgish features, then I do
my own secret stuff so they don't know about it."

It's not about not changing, but distrust because of obscurity.
Blessed binaries may be not relevant for security, yet they mean
trust by/to the community (worthy to be supported), as indicator
for a balanced game. This trust is gone for P2K.

Until I hear a good reason for letting Trent have his secret way,
I remove the link to his page from paradise.netrek.org, for the
little that it may be worth.

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