Oh yes. This ship could also not be allowed to carry armies, perhaps.  
That adds another layer of frustration for experienced players, and  
keeps the newbies focussed on learning how to fight and bomb initially.

Perhaps the "I am an experienced" player checkbox could go away.  
Instead, newbie mode would only deactivate automatically with rank  
(new or existing), OR upon successful answering of a cluecheck  
question. Although, all existing players would have to do is log in  
once with a ranked character and there would be no more newbie mode  
after that, even as guest. So perhaps the cluecheck workaround isn't  

If there's no checkbox, it gives newbies something to strive for! I  
think that's an important part of getting people into a game, and  
that's also why I'm against showing damage for enemy ships: it  
removes the fun-to-learn skill of crippling. (Not to mention that it  
kills the tactics of pretending to be crippled, pretending to be warp  
1 in an SB, and also lets everyone know just HOW damaged that SB  
really is. Can't count how many times I've sat on the front wiggling  
my ship a bit while firing a torp once in a while to hold a planet  
with almost no hull/shields/fuel. The enemy didn't know I was  
crippled, obviously!)