On 3/17/07, Karthik Arumugham <karthik at karthik.com> wrote:
> Oh yes. This ship could also not be allowed to carry armies, perhaps.
> That adds another layer of frustration for experienced players, and
> keeps the newbies focussed on learning how to fight and bomb initially.
> Perhaps the "I am an experienced" player checkbox could go away.
> Instead, newbie mode would only deactivate automatically with rank
> (new or existing), OR upon successful answering of a cluecheck
> question. Although, all existing players would have to do is log in
> once with a ranked character and there would be no more newbie mode
> after that, even as guest. So perhaps the cluecheck workaround isn't
> needed.

I like this idea but how long would they not be able to bomb? Newbies
seem to have a predilection for advancing in rank so they may become
frustrated and leave if they see everyone else bombing and taking and
they can't do so. If this is done a caveat/explanatory blurb should be
given to them.

> that's also why I'm against showing damage for enemy ships: it

I am also strongly against this. Showing damage is a true borg
feature. If 2 ships are dogfighting and both are clued it isn't that
difficult to guestimate how much hull/shields/fuel the other ship has
but for anyone random ship to fly by and instantly see how much damage
a given ship has is truly borg. You are giving them information they'd
have no other way of knowing.