On Sat, 17 Mar 2007, Rado S wrote:
> =- Trent Piepho wrote on Fri 16.Mar'07 at 14:15:31 -0700 -=
> > Then people started putting them names on my code and pretending
> > they wrote it.
> Did this happen with netrek? Netrek-people are not as bad as
> non-trekkies.

Yes, it has happened to code netrek related and code not netrek related.
And as to netrek people not being as bad, Bill is possibly the most amoral
person I've ever has the misfortune to encounter.

> Plus, public code tracking could always prove your point.

There is no question that Bill has copied many of my ideas, yet I don't see
him mentioning where they came from.  If you look at his web page, you'd
think he came up with them all himself.  If had released my code, he would
have cut and pasted it and pretended he wrote it and public code tracking
wouldn't do a thing to change it.

Maybe if you had the experience with others taking credit for your work
that I have had, you would understand.  Of course, one actually has to
produce work in order for someone else to take credit for it.  Maybe
instead of telling me what I should do, you should go do something.

> > I don't release my code anymore because of how it effects me.
> That is exactly _how_?

Maybe if you produced something, and someone else took credit for it, you
would understand.

> > If I don't help the netrek community more than I do, and I've
> > put more open source code into the server than you have Rado,
> > then that's just too bad.
> The messenger doesn't affect the message.

Maybe the messenger doesn't have the experience to know what he's talking

> Just because you might have put more code into the server, this
> doesn't justify anything bad that you do elsewhere.

If I give $100 to a charity, is that a bad thing to do?  Because I didn't
give $200?  Would it be better if I wrote a netrek client and just never
told anyone about it or let anyone else use it?  Just because something is
as good as you would like, doesn't make it bad.

> Why aren't you afraid the same way about the code you've put in
> the server that it could be "stolen", too?
> What is the difference between the 2?

I do not think code in the netrek server has much potential to be
plagiarized.  And I can't run my own server.

> > If there are secret borg features, what are they?
> Hard to tell without seeing the code. That's the point!
> Never heard of undocumented features?

If there were secret borg features, why would I release the code for them
anyway?  It would be easy enough to strip it out.  I've even just worked on
a script that does that:

Maybe you should be worried about the person who's been banned from pickled
because his idea of fun is logging in multiple times to abuse the ban
command to kick people out.

> > > I remove the link to his page from paradise.netrek.org, for the
> > > little that it may be worth.
> >
> > If you think your spiteful, and hypocritical, action will make
> > me want to release my source, you are quite mistaken.
> No, don't be confused, I do _not_ want you to release your code.
> If you prefer to be happy with it all by yourself, so be it!
> Can't say anthing against it.
> My action just supports your desire. I hope others will "help"
> you, too.

You deleted a line you wrote, let me put it back for you.

> We should struggle together, not against each other.

What benefit do you hope to effect with your actions, and to whom is it