=- Trent Piepho wrote on Fri 16.Mar'07 at 14:15:31 -0700 -=

> {... irrelevant WRT to open netrek code }
> Then people started putting them names on my code and pretending
> they wrote it.

Did this happen with netrek? Netrek-people are not as bad as

If there were 1 black sheep, this doesn't mean the rest of the
community will let such a thing pass.
Plus, public code tracking could always prove your point.

> I don't release my code anymore because of how it effects me.

That is exactly _how_?
What's the ill-effect for you? Stolen credit?
What's the ill-effect of stolen credit for open source?!
	Where stealing this _can not happen_ in a public community.

> {...} not releasing my code (which is mine to do with as I please,
> you have no right to tell me what to do) I avoid that situation.

You have the right to do with the code whatever you want.
Make money with it, fine.
Make your own game, fine.

I'm not telling you what to do, just asking for your reasoning.
And maybe explain that you lose more credit than you win this way.

> If I don't help the netrek community more than I do, and I've
> put more open source code into the server than you have Rado,
> then that's just too bad.

The messenger doesn't affect the message.
Code contribution is no measure for truth or justification.
Have I said something untrue or unjust?
Just because you might have put more code into the server, this
doesn't justify anything bad that you do elsewhere.

Why aren't you afraid the same way about the code you've put in
the server that it could be "stolen", too?
What is the difference between the 2?

> Maybe you should be happy with what you get and stop acting like
> you are entitled to more.

No, I/we are not entitled to more, you're free to do with the code
whatever you want.

> I document all my new features meticulously. Where do you think
> Bill gets all my ideas from?

So what would _you lose more_ by releasing the code when the worst
you can think of is already happening?

> If there are secret borg features, what are they?

Hard to tell without seeing the code. That's the point!
Never heard of undocumented features?

> Is there some conspiracy among all the people who have used the
> client to keep them secret from Rado S., Borg Patrol Officer?

Whether or not there are actually borg features doesn't matter as
much as the responses you've given so far.
Trust and credit comes through publicity, not secrecy.

> > I remove the link to his page from paradise.netrek.org, for the
> > little that it may be worth.
> If you think your spiteful, and hypocritical, action will make
> me want to release my source, you are quite mistaken.

No, don't be confused, I do _not_ want you to release your code.
If you prefer to be happy with it all by yourself, so be it!
Can't say anthing against it.
My action just supports your desire. I hope others will "help"
you, too.

What I _do_ want is to officially ask the keymasters to reconsider
the granting of blessed status for P2K for the there was no sane
reason given yet to bless a closed source client.
Or is there anything else I'm missing?
Can the keymasters please shed some light?

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