I think the word borg, in the sense of 'info-borg', is thrown around
as a justification for elitism. As far as I am concerned, a truly
great Netrek player will not benefit from the majority of the
'info-borg' characteristics that have been widely debated in the
past. This then leads me to become convinced that the fear is that a
not-so-great player may possibly compete. I think this elitism is
has been a reason why Netrek fails to attract large audiences. The
intimidation alone has been enough to prevent new players from ever
feeling welcomed.

I see nothing wrong with planets keeping track of last know
information, or numbers showing up on the screen. It isn't like it
changes anyways. I remember where the fuel planets and repair planets
are. A "?" on top of the planet doesn't stop me. Why should a newbie
be faced with such a large entrance requirement? Does it even make
sense that the ship computer wouldn't remember if it was a fuel planet
or not?

Some things are definately borg. Computer targetting aids. Fully
automated actions (shield up, auto det, tractor/repress). Then there
is items that border on cheating. For example, synchronizing timer
intervals with the server, and then modulating the shields such that
they are only up for the server interval that a torpedo might cause
damage, or alternating between accelerating and repairing. One that I
speculated about, but never had time to complete, was a true borg
"network" where the clients would communicate between each other about
information received from the server. This would allow far more
accurate approximation of the location of cloakers, and near
instaneous cooperation within dog fights. Imagine four guardian-mode
ships forming a wall, each alternating to det all incoming torps as a
taker behind them takes the planet. Co-ordinating phasers in an area
to cover maximum space while conserving fuel utilization to locate
that last taker during an LPS before blasting him. These are borg


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