Not sure how accepted the statement is, but I agree with it.

The way I feel on the issue is, with the gaming market being so competitive 
we should do what we can to help keep newbies interested in the game.  That 
includes enabling certain features that help new players better understand 
the game.  People don't want to have to read a technical manual to learn how 
to play.  From what I have seen, most want to be able to download and start 
playing right away.  The easier we can make it for people to get into the 
action of a game of Netrek the better chance we have of keeping them.  All 
the features currently in place seem like reasonable tools to do this.


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>Subject: [netrek-dev] What is a borg?
>Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:00:54 +0100

>Is this a general accepted statement? i sometimes hear the B word
>too, (though it is not quite accurate, MacTrek has ghostbusting problems
>and the Borg collective has excellent networking :-) but wondered if
>there is a general consus about what is borg and what is not.
>Personally i like the definition above, including the statement that
>computing information (like targeting aids) does qualify as borg.
> > the netrek "board" (the people who currently run what keeps netrek
> > alive)?
>I'd like to address that question to the "board"  but would not know
>to address.
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