Trent, I've cleared the thread up now and made it easy for you so
that you can simply and shortly answer those questions.
Time is not a factor now if you keep the answers simple and
explicit. It's all up to you.

Trent wrote:
> Rado, I'm not interested in arguing with you. I have a hundred
> other emails I should write to other people and hundred things
> more important that I should be doing. {...}
> I guess since it's never happened to you, you just can't understand.

Well, if you just explained, then maybe I could!!!
I'm neither interested in arguing, just give some damn straight and
simple _explicit_, specific answers, not wishy-washy ones:

- who else besides Bill has hurt you?
- what means credit to you?
- what's the benefit of credit for/ to you?
- what kind of credit do you (believe to) get _now_ with locked source?
- from whom?
- does this credit mean more to you than from fellow trek-coders
	and the whole community?

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