=- Stas Pirogov wrote on Thu 29.Mar'07 at 13:46:39 +0200 -=

> Rado, I'm sorry to sound a bit harsh, but I think nobody these
> days cares that much about netrek. Nobody will setup anything to
> compile/manage/distribute netrek clients.

I heard some people (want to) spend efforts to attract newbies
(Joe, Bill, Andrew and others on #netrek or netrek-dev).
And apparently they've been somewhat successful with it already
without the whole community pulling at the same end.
Could be some more if more people supported it.

> We all (at least most of us) are grown people that at some point
> were crazy about the game and were willing to spend indefinite
> amounts of time to make the game better (each one in his own
> way). We aren't that crazy anymore :)

It doesn't take indefinite time when well distributed across
many shoulders.
That's where the next generation comes in, unless the old
generation keeps standing in the way or pushing the brakes. ;)

> I beleive that no person in this list (correct me if I'm wrong)
> is willing to spend time to do tasks that you're willing us to.

Won't know without asking, everyone should speak for oneself alone
and not for others. Silence then indicates you're right. ;)
Otherwise it might be mistaken as predominant opinion which is
pointless to oppose (which is wrong because it's just 1/ the 1st
opinion voiced).

Guessing is contraproductive, especially when default answer is
negative. You never know when someone might pick up an idea thrown
in by somebody else. Not always does the inventor of an idea have
to implement it himself. Some willing implementor maybe just never
thought about an idea somebody else can't implement himself.

> I guess James/Carlos/Trent are people that will still have last
> word in regards of what's right and wrong in current netrek
> community.

That's something that at least Carlos stated otherwise.
However, I still have no clear answer to who rules netrek and how,
nor what netrek (and respectively) borgishness is.

> Great open source projects wouldn't be that great if there
> wouldn't exist constant wave of new developers that come and
> take charge. Same goes here.

I haven't seen big change in administrative positions for deciding
what's netrek and what's borg, it's often the oldies who want to
keep the "good old game" old.

> I hope I didn't offend anyone and I'm sorry if I did.

Nobody should offend or be offended by any questions or opinions,
it's about finding out how things are.

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